Seven Everyday Style Tips for Every Guy

Seven Everyday Style Tips for Every Guy

If you’re the kind of guy that thinks “I just don’t have a natural eye for style,” then you’re in luck with this post. The truth is, having style is not something that you’re born with — it’s something that is cultivated over time. Another truth of style is that there is no “One Way” to be stylish. Whether you’re a jeans guy or a suit-up guy, you can cultivate a style — a signature “look” — that suits your personality and lifestyle.


1. Care For Your Clothes

This may seem like it goes without saying, but we’re saying it anyway: caring for your clothing is a simple way to ensure that your clothing will last and your outfits will look crisp and polished. Caring for your clothes doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal, either. We’re talking about simple stuff like dry cleaning the stuff that should be dry cleaned, washing clothes with quality detergent (and not throwing your nice dress shirts in on hot along with your gym gear) and folding and hanging clothes nicely. Little things like that can make a big difference.

2. Try Something New 

Have you been eyeing-up a new type of style or go a little bit outside of your comfort zone? Go for it. Confidence is key here. Throw on that bright pocket square. Wear those crazy socks. Wear the hoodie with a sport coat. Make it yours!

3. Don’t Be Afraid of the Tailor

The best way to really break out of the mold and look better in your clothes is to tailor your clothes to fit your body. Whether a pair of jeans, sport shirt or a suit, altering your clothes to fit your body type will make your outfit look better overall.

A lot of guys think that getting clothes altered is a huge process, and it really isn’t. In fact, when you buy from Ticknors, alterations are included with your purchase! Your style advisor will guide you on what tailoring you may need, have a quick chat with you about how you like your clothes to fit and look, and get your garments ready to be taken to our in-house tailor shop. So rest assured that if you buy from Ticknors, you’ll end up with a great fitting look. 

Our tip for getting clothes altered: If you didn’t purchase the clothes from us, find a tailor you trust and start with a conversation. You can explain to them what you are looking for, show some images that you like, and if you feel confident they can deliver what you’re looking for, then go for it!

4. Mix & Match Textures and Patterns

For those of use that are interested in adding a little bit of flair and personality to their looks, look no further than your own closet. You likely have all sorts of clothing in there made from a slew of different fabrics: wool, cotton, tweed, flannels… you get the point. 

Next time you’re looking to piece together a new outfit with garments you already own, try mixing and matching patterns and fabrics to add some visual interest to your look. It’s a great way to mix things up and level-up your outfit! 

5. Master The Art of Layering

Layering is an easy way to add some flair to your outfit — and it’s not just something you can do during the cooler months. While it certainly is a little easier to layer up when it is cold outside, you can still layer during the transitional months of spring and fall (and even summer) by adding flyweight sweaters or light, stylish jackets (or sport coats) to your look.

6. Don’t Confuse “Dressed Nicely” With “Dressed Up”

For some men, more specifically those that are earlier-on in their style journey, there seems to be a block around wearing nicer, more well designed, or better-fitting clothes. Sometimes they equate looking nice or dressing nicely with being “dressed up” — almost like that is a bad thing. Being dressed nicely is certainly not a bad thing, nor is dressing up (such as wearing a suit and tie if you’re typically a jeans and sweater kind of guy). 

The way you look is often the first thing someone notices about you when you walk in the room. Don’t you want them to notice how well put together you are?

7. Invest in Quality

Quality clothing may be more expensive than your run of the mill department or big box store brands, but it is so worth the extra price. One of the best things about quality clothing? It won’t fall apart on you. If you treat your high quality garments well, they will treat you well too. Another bonus of purchasing high quality clothing is that it ages gracefully! Those perfectly distressed leather boots and faded jeans didn’t just come off the shelf like that ya know — they are the product of a lot of wear and great care to let them last long.

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